If you speak up, I will join!

If you speak up, I will join! is a project that aims to identify and empower survivors of childhood human trafficking. Through local projects in Latvia, Sweden, Russia and Norway, and regional cooperation throughout the Baltic Sea region, the project started in the fall of 2019 and concludes with a virtual regional festival on the 11th of June 2020.

This webpage will remain available as a resource bank and regional platform to share experiences, results, good practice and innovations in the work of and with survivors of human trafficking.

The project is co-funded by the CBSS Project Support Facility.

Malaika Oringo is the founder of the “Footprint to Freedom Foundation” in the Netherlands. Malaika fell prey to human trafficking at an early age and describes herself as a survivor being empowered and liberated. She feels blessed to be able to help other survivors finding their voice: ‘’It only takes one survivor’ story to change someone else’s.”
  • Are you really including me?
    By Katarina Felicia Lundgren I think long term support and rehabilitation and social inclusion are key components for survivors, and of course functioning legal systems and proper education for “helpers” (meaning all people who work with people). As a child, teenager and young woman trying to get out of a severely abusive environment, no one…
  • Jewel’s Story: The Only Way Out Is Through
    In 2016 I arrived in Copenhagen and was forced out onto the streets to have sex with men for money. The very first night at 2 am shaking with nerves, I met an outreach worker from HopeNow. The woman pushing her bike seemed kind and tried to give me her mobile phone number. My madame…
  • Pat’s Story: “I am strong and have power”
    In 2016 I met HopeNow’s social worker for the first time introduced by a trafficked woman who had been helped by them. At this point I thought everything was my own stupid fault and I felt like my legs and arms were stuck in glue and sometimes I got this scary feeling of not being…

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