If you speak up, I will join!

If you speak up, I will join! is funded by the Council of the Baltic Sea States. The project aims to identify and empower survivors of childhood human trafficking. Through regional cooperation in 11 countries, and local projects in Russia, Latvia, Sweden and Norway, the project will start during the fall 2019 and end with a virtual festival on the 11th of June 2020.

  • It’s time to join!
    THE PROBLEM Those who have suffered through human trafficking in childhood should have access to help and support in the emergency immediately after escaping the exploitation. But they also need support when they have healed a bit and identify as survivors. Short-term help is available more often than long-term support. Once victims get out ofContinue reading “It’s time to join!”
  • What it means to be a survivor
    Survivors of human trafficking with sexual exploitation have so many shadows. I could write a lot about anxiety seizures when the only thing I can think of is fear that pushes on from everywhere and nowhere. But this time there is something else I would like to tell you about. There was this boy. HeContinue reading “What it means to be a survivor”
    ECPAT is the world’s leading network of organizations working together to eliminate human trafficking and sexual exploitation of children in all its forms. In 2016, ECPAT International organized the first global forum for survivors of childhood human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Global Survivors Forum, which was led and run by survivors, provided a platform andContinue reading “ECPAT”

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