If you speak up, I will join!

If you speak up, I will join! is a project that aims to identify and empower survivors of childhood human trafficking. Through local projects in Latvia, Sweden, Russia and Norway, and regional cooperation throughout the Baltic Sea region, the project «If you speak up, I will join!» started in August 2019 and formally ended 31. July 2020. It is currently continuing through the regional network and platform that was created during its’ first year.

This webpage remains available as a resource bank and regional platform to share experiences, results, good practice and innovations in the work of and with survivors of human trafficking.

The project was funded by CBSS Project Support Facility during its first phase.

Malaika Oringo is the founder of the “Footprint to Freedom Foundation” in the Netherlands. Malaika fell prey to human trafficking at an early age and describes herself as a survivor being empowered and liberated. She feels blessed to be able to help other survivors finding their voice: ‘’It only takes one survivor’ story to change someone else’s.”
  • Mental Health & Human Trafficking
    Digital series by Humans for Humans We would like to invite you to our digital series designed for professionals working withhuman trafficking survivors or fighting against this crime.We invited several global professionals to provide a free class, webinar or lecture aboutdifferent topics related to mental health and human trafficking, to help understand thestruggles faced by…
  • HopeNow are joining the If You Speak Up, I Will Join family!
    We are pleased to announce that HopeNow, a Danish NGO working with victims and survivors of human trafficking, have become partners within the If You Speak Up, I Will Join project. HopeNow was established in 2007 to support the empowerment and human rights of trafficked people. The mission of HopeNow is to seek, find, identify,…
  • Anti-Trafficking Hackathon
    The organization Humans for humans is organizing a Hackathon to develop the first software to help survivors of human trafficking. The tech competition takes place online from November 27-29. If you want to participate, you can visit this page to register: https://humansfor.org/hackathon/ We encourage you to tip all technical talents you know about the opportunity…

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